Posted by: nikicf | May 4, 2009

NOT the greatest eating day for me. Actually one of the worst this year so far. I had an amazingly hard time stopping myself from eating, even though I was not feeling hungry. I grazed on the kids’ food a lot and made myself THREE HELPINGS of my Wasabi Wow trail mix! I’m not sure what the deal is with me today. Could it be PMS a few days early? (I should get my period on Thursday.) Bored eating? (We were around the house all day today and we didn’t really do too much.) Getting “tired” of “being good”?

I am trying to analyse, so I can figure out what to do differently next time, but I’m really not sure. I really just wanted to eat. And to over-eat actually. And once I did a bit (with the trail mix as my afternoon snack), I felt mad at myself, which made me want to eat more. It is a vicious cycle, and one I know I was in for a long time. Certaintly is it one of the reasons I was so heavy, this disappointment with myself leading to more bad and over-eating. Every day, day in and day out!

So I will press the reset button, and realize that everybody has off days. I won’t let it frustrate me, but will instead look at all the positive things I have changed and accomplished. Plus, I DID stop myself from continuing to eat (I am done eating for the night and have a piece of gum in my mouth to help). I exercised this morning, which feels like a bit of a waste, since I consumed way too many calories today. But I did it, and that feels good. I can even feel myself making progress and becoming stronger in my work-out, which I am proud of. Yes, there are actually muscles under the extra layers! 😉

Tomorrow is a new day. YAY! And though I know that the memory of today will haunt my thoughts a bit tomorrow, I will make tomorrow count and not let myself go down the same path.

So, on that note, here is my plan for tomorrow:

Standard Niki breakfast – Hot cereal with nut butter and tea with skim

Lunch – Small bowl of soup and skinny wrap Snack – If I need one, I plan to have a chopped red pepper with hummus.

Dinner – This will be one of my main hurdles tomorrow. We are having a birthday party for Gina. Potluck, with dessert, etc. Juli or I will be making a healthy main course. My plan is to very carefully watch my portions, sticking to the clean eating food as much as possible. And then to have a coffee for my dessert. And, hopefully, that is it. 🙂

Plus I will exercise in the morning after taking Kaleb to school. It looks like rain unfortunately, so we will see about me doing my Day 7 run. But if it is too blustery to go outside, I will do a Cardio Party Turbo Jam in the garage instead.


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