Posted by: nikicf | May 11, 2009

Patting Myself on the Back

I’d read (forums online) that Week 4 of the C25K was a hard transition, because of a jump from 9 minutes total running time to 16 minutes running time.  I was nervous, because that did sound like a lot more running, but was determined to give it my best shot and keep at it.

I woke up and it was sprinkling, and I’ll admit I contemplated taking the day off.  But I gathered my motivation and decided to at least get out there and see how it felt once I was on my way.  It helps that I HAVE TO get Kaleb to school, so I’m already out of bed and dressed.  Working out at that point much more likely than a day I could still be in bed.

Got out on the path and started my warm-up walk, and the misting rain felt great.  The bad weather also meant I had the path almost completely to myself, and this was nice.  Especially since I was attempting a harder session, so could do it without watching eyes.  Not that anyone is ever really watching me, but I can be self-conscious about trying something I’m not sure I can do well.

So I got running and it felt great.  (Can hardly believe I am saying that!)  It actually might be my best session yet, as I felt good and able.  The rain kept me cool, and I felt so happy for being able to complete Week 4 Day 1 without dying.  Yes, I was working hard, but I didn’t even considered stopping to walk when I should be running. Can you tell how happy I am?

I did it!  *pat, pat*


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