Posted by: nikicf | May 12, 2009

And again!

It took a little extra mental motivation and positive talk to get myself ready to do it again, but I did.  Week 4 Day 2 done!  Yay!

And Thursday I’ll do the last day for Week 4.  And I have not have a chance to look yet, but I’m really hoping that Week 5 is a little less of a jump in running time!  I’m looking forward to passing the half-way point of the program though, which will come during the middle of Week 5.

Tonight is an anniversary date dinner for my hubs and I.  I’m looking forward to some good food and great company and convo!  Not sure where we are going for sure yet, but I’m trying to save some points throughout the day for the dinner splurge.  I had a slightly less calorie-filled breakfast (cut the nut butter and carob chips, and used just a little less oat bran) and will try to do a very veggie fulled lunch, so I’ve got some wiggle room for our supper.  And likely dessert too, though I’ll convince Andy to share with me, and then do my best to let him have most of it.

Speaking of dessert, check out these adorable earrings Beadie is offering in a giveaway.  Kaleb and Makenna would go nuts over these, so I hope I win!

I’m off to get some things done.  Laundry is calling before our week-end away! 🙂


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