Posted by: nikicf | May 13, 2009

Date Night the New Way

Well I have to report that Andy and I had a lovely dinner out for our anniversary!  We decided to go to The Vault in Cloverdale.  We knew it was cool restaurant with great food, but we chose it in a large part because we had a 2 for 1 entree coupon from our Entertainment book.  Oh ya, we’re thrifty like that!

I am very happy and proud to say I ate “responsibley” and made good choices.  Firstly, I talked Andy out of our normal appetizer.  He was worried he would not have enough to eat, but I promised him we could order more later on if he was not full after our entree.  The bread basket came.  I had half of a small baquette slice, and let Andy enjoy the rest.  It was soft and warm and delicious, but a few bites was good enough.

For dinner, I chose a Cajun spiced salmon with citrus dill yogurt sauce.  Sounded like a clean, healthy choice.  And it was DELICIOUS!  I ate all the salmon, minus a few bites I shared with Andy so he could taste how amazing it was. It came with roasted green beans and red peppers and white rice.  I ate between 1/2 and 3/4 of the rice and stopped.  I ate most of the green beans, but did share a few with my man when I could feel myself getting full.

And I knew we would order dessert, as it was a special occasion.  Plus, we had had the Peanut Butter Pie at The Vault before and knew we HAD TO have it again.  It arrived, with our decaf coffees, and I sliced a small sliver for myself and let Andy have the rest.  I ate it slowly and deliberately and enjoy the small portion to the fullest.

And then I was done.  And I felt good.  Satisfied, but not stuffed.  Proud I could enjoy a meal, but not over-indulge.

Not to make this a habit!


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