Posted by: nikicf | May 15, 2009

And away we go!

The fam and I are heading up to RockRidge Canyon for a City Wide College retreat. (Andy is working and we are tagging along.)  I’m quickly blogging during a short pitstop in Hope before we spend the week-end without internet.

The weather is gorgeous and it should be a great time!  I’m a bit worried about things on th eating front, but I’m determined to use all my “mad skillz” to make it the best possible.  I won’t get to choose WHAT I eat, but I can choose HOW MUCH I eat!   I hope to eat small portions, especially of anything that is not “clean” Weight Watchers friendly food, and then eat the healthy snacks I brought if I am still hungry.

I’ll be sure to give you the low down on how I did when I get home on Monday.

While I’m gone, be sure and enter to win at An Apple a Day.  I just found out I won last week’s giveaway at this site!  Whooooo-hoooooo!  I won something!  Yippee!  Can you tell I am very excited to try my Kay’s Naturals products?!?!


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