Posted by: nikicf | May 21, 2009

Run Day!

Today was another run day.  Week 5 Day 2.   I was even looking forward to it a bit.  😛  The sun was out and it felt pretty good to be out on the road, running and listening to tunes.  My Nano was not working (no batteries left), and since the run/walk pattern was pretty basic, I just took my Shuffle and watch and did the “old fashioned way” 😉 without the podcast cues.  It went well!  I actually ended up running longer, and resting less between runs, so I am very happy. (Instead of run 8, walk 5, run 8, I did a run 8, walk three, run 10.)

I’m still a bit skeptical about my ability to do a 20 minute run on Saturday, but I’m going to give it my best shot.   Maybe I’ll surprise myself and JUST DO IT!  I was just reading the C25K forums, and this is kind of what I’m getting from others who have done it.

I’ll be sure to report back, whatever happens.  Hopefully I’ll be chanting the victory chant!

Saturday is also my first weigh-in in two weeks, since we were away last Saturaday.  I’m hoping all the hard work will have paid off and the results will show on the scale.


And Angela at Oh She Glows is having an Align Daily Probiotic Supplement give-away!  Check it out!


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