Posted by: nikicf | May 24, 2009

Saturday – My favorite day of the week!

I love Saturdays.  I look forward to them all week.  One of the main reasons?  I get to attend my Weight Watchers meeting.  Or more importantly, I get to weigh in at my WW meeting!  The meeting part is great and all, but I LOVE going and rocking the scale each week!  It feels so great to be taking control of my weight/health/LIFE!

Today was one of the best Saturdays yet!  The kids (including my nephew, who had slept over) were up early, and therefore so was I.  After they headed downstairs to play, I tried to go back to sleep till my alarm went, but could not.  Kept thinking of the 20 minute run I was to do today.  Decided I would prefer to just get up and go and knock it out.  Be done with it before my Weight Watchers meeting.  Was out the door to hit the road before 8 (a miracle around here).

VICTORY! I did that 20 minute run!  Yes I did!  (Did 21 minutes actually, because I didn’t want to end on a downward hill.)  It wasn’t even that bad! I was worried for nothing!  So glad I decided to trust the program and just do it!  Felt SO GOOD!

Weight Watchers was next.  Down 3.4 lbs over the past 2 weeks.  Yes, all that hard work and healthy eating was worth it.  I also decided to officially set my goal, which means I am only 1 lb away!  1 lb!  I am definitely doing that this week and FINALLY, for the first time, getting to my goal with Weight Watchers!  And then I’ll keep going from there, down a few more lbs to what feel the best for my body.

What a great start to my day!  A 21 minute run and being down a total of 33.8 lbs!  I was in a very good mood and feeling like a millions bucks!

The day kept going well too. I got a couple hours in at the mall since hubby as home with the kids.  Found some great deal on summer stuff (Old Navy flip flops were $1 instead of $5, and I was crazy enough to stand in line for 45 minutes to get a bunch for the fam and my sister’s gang).  Shopping is SO MUCH MORE FUN when I am feeling good about my weight and size!

After shopping and naptime (for Jorja, not me) we headed for a front yard pool party at my sister’s.  The weather was amazing and the kids had a fabulous time in the little pool, sprinkler and having ice cream cones.  Then we were off in a rush to church.  Andy did nursery duty with the little one, so I got to enjoy a little worship time and most of the sermon.  Yes!

All in all, a fabulous day!  I’m happy and thankful and soaking it all in!  Hoping next Saturday can be as amazing.  And I’m working hard this week to make sure it is!


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