Posted by: nikicf | May 26, 2009

Eating Like a Thin Person

The title should actually read “LEARNING to eat like a thin person” as I am still working on how to do this.  Especially in the variety of social situations I am presented with.  I did well on our 4 day camp week-end, which I am very thankful for and proud of.  But didn’t do so well last night at the bridal shower I hosted at my house.  A tableful of appy’s (some healthy, some not) over the course of a whole evening is not my “thin-eating” forte. I will give myself credit for doing better than I might have in the past, but I’ve still got some learning to do.

I started off fairly well with plate #1.  I avoided two things I knew were high calorie/points foods and tried to pick the more healthy fare.  Then came seconds.  This in itself was not bad, especially as I had been VERY busy during the day getting house/yard ready for the shower, had not eaten much and was quite hungry.  BUT I did not make as good choices the second time around, not portion-wise or food wise.  As I was adding to my plate and munching away, I even remembered the thought process I had worked out earlier in the day: “Eat well, enjoy the good food, but don’t undo all the hard work you did during your morning work-out.”  And then my biggest disappointment was that I kept picking at food during my numerous trips back into the kitchen.  Especially on these little Cheese Crinkles that were not in healthy in any way.  😦

Thankfully, I did okay with dessert (a few 1 point Almond-Coconut Macaroons and one mini chocolate cupcake), though I should have just not have had any dessert after overeating at supper.  But at least I did not sabotage myself even more by making bad choices with the sweets.

Now it is the day after, and I’m putting this behind me.  I got out to exercise (Week 6 Day 2 of the C25K program) this morning, and am eating good healthy food today.  I’m glad to be working on it, and getting there slowly.  🙂


And check out these yummy looking heart-shaped energy bars called Heart Thrive from Amanda over at Run To the Finish. I’d love to try them.



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