Posted by: nikicf | May 28, 2009

From Nachos to Taco Salad

Yes, I am gradually changing the way I eat.  I realized just how much last night, when having supper.  Taco salad.  For me, this “salad” used to look more like nachos, with the chips and melted cheese and sour cream and lots of ground beef.  And maybe a little lettuce and tomatoes.

Now, this salad really is a salad, based on the veggies.  I’ve added spinach, corn, black beans, peppers, avocado and cilantro.  Still use some (light) sour cream and lean ground beef, but often skip the chips (or sprinkle a few crushed ones on top) and cheese, since the salad does not need it. And I enjoy it just as much!


Taco salad under our new backyard gazebo with my three darlings


And some close-ups of my dinner companions!






  1. Niki!
    The salad looks so YUMMMM! I’m assuming from your talk of eating “clean,” that you’ve discovered the “clean eating ” magazine? I LOVE that magazine….your salad looks like it belongs on the cover 🙂

  2. I actually have not seen the magazine yet, but just discovered the Eat-Clean cookbook and LOVE it! The recipes are right up my alley! My sis and I make the Whole Wheat Oatmeal pancakes for the kids every Wednesday night for supper and they are awesome! And all good, clean ingredients!

    I know I would the mag though. Where do you get it? Do you have copies you wanna loan out? 🙂

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