Posted by: nikicf | May 28, 2009

Huffing and Puffing!

My sister-in-law introduced me to this very cool site. lets you (you guessed it) map your run.  I had heard of it before, but figured it would not work since I run on a greenway/easement and not on roads, but it totally works for this too!  The site also lets you keep a record of your training and other fun stuff, so I might be using this site regularly now.

And speaking of running, today was my first 25 minute run.  It went well, though I sure felt tired afterwards.  It didn’t help that I ended on a fairly steep hill, but I was huffing and puffing and could really feel it in my legs.  But I did it!  Yay!  And so ends Week 6.  Week 7 is actually three runs of 25 minutes each, so it is exciting to know I CAN do it, and to know there is no jump in running time for the next three work-outs.  I am hoping I can work a bit on my speed over these three runs, as my pace is not very fast.  (I knew this already, but let me know that I ran 3.82 K in my 25 minutes, which is not exactly speedy.)

Tonight is a very anticipated Spa Night with myself and three friends.  I am SO excited!   We are meeting at a friend’s home and having a friend of my sister’s come in and do some esthetical stuff (can you say that?!?) for us.  Two girls are getting pedicures.  (LOVE pedicures.  My feet love them too.  I’m having my turn for a pedicure next Spa Night.)  I’m going to try having my eye lashes tinted.  And maybe permed, though that might be out of my budget.  Cool, huh?  I have very light, anemic looking eyelashes so am normally never seen outside my house without my Great Lash mascara on!

We are doing healthy appies, so that should be delicious.  And I get a chance to practise “eating like a thin person” again.  I’ll report back soon on how that goes.  Might even post some pictures!


And ANOTHER fabulous give-away at An Apple A Day!  I VERY much want to win either the cool recycled bag or the Cupola cookies. Don’t enter or you’ll wreck my chances!  ;P



  1. just a little note to say…you will want to see the post I have going up tomorrow morning. 🙂

  2. Love the running site! About 10 years ago my sis and I used to get in the car and drive our runs to see how far we went. I will definately be using it. Thanks for the link!

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