Posted by: nikicf | May 29, 2009


The Spa Night was amazing!  What is better than visiting with girl friends and getting pampered??!?!  All while enjoying some yummy and healthy eats??!??  My sister used a version of my hummus recipe to make a black bean and red pepper dip that was AMAZING.  Nadia made some of her famous fresh cilantro salsa and treated us to some strawberries dipped in chocolate.  And I took a shrip ring and cocktail sauce, and a new quinoa salad that my sister introduced me to.  And I ate just like I planned to.  Moderately, listening to my hunger cues, and did not go overboard.  Victory!

Though I’d share the quinoa dish I took.  It was super healthy, veggie-licious and yummy too!  And a great summer dish as it is served cold or cool.  (I’ve been trying a bunch of different quinoa dishes lately, as quinoa can turn a regular salad into a SUPER salad.  Check out this site to find out more about this protein and nutrient rich grain.)

It is a pretty vague recipe, as I am not really giving quantities, but this way you can change it up and make it how YOU like it.

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups water
  • sea salt
  • chopped tomato
  • chopped snap peas
  • defrosted corn
  • chopped cuke
  • chopped red, orange or yellow peppers
  • chopped cilantro (MUST have cilantro as it make the salad)
  • can of drained and rinsed beans (I used black but any kind would work)

Rinse the quinoa before using.  Bring water, salt and quinoa to boil in a pot and then reduce to a simmer for about 20 minutes (and all the water is absorbed).  Remove from heat and let cool.

When cool, as the remaining ingredients.


  • salt
  • ground pepper
  • lemon juice
  • EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

Mix dressing and pour over salad.  Stir and serve!


And lastly I had to include a picture of me rocking my new tinted and permed (!!) eyelashes.  I LOVE them!  (Hence the title of the post!)  Honestly, I was a bit nervous to try doing the tinting and perming, but mostly because I was afraid I would like it.  Not sure I can afford to like it! 😛

But I do.  Just a little moisturizer, cover-up for problem areas, powder here and there, and some lippy gloss and I am ready to go!  Oh dear, this could be addicting!

I think next time I might skip the perm (took a long time and for the cost) but continue with the tinting.  It is just so cool to roll out of bed and look human!!  And I’m looking forward to it while on our trip to Atlanta, when we will be swimming, etc.  The picture isn’t the greatest for seeing the eyelashes, and I really should have done a before picture so you can see the contrast, but you get the idea.

Photo 258

I’ll be back tomorrow with my post-weigh-in thoughts and (??) victory cheers!!



  1. this is so great! I’m very proud of you, and inspired too. You mentioned a podcast … does it tell you when to run and when to walk. I’d be so into that, as I get distracted checking my watch all the time.

  2. Thanks Rachel! I’m a bit proud of myself too! Now just to keep it up!

    Yes, the podcast has the run/walk cues set to music. It was not my favorite music in the world, but I don’t think I could have made it this far without the podcasts. I too hate having to keep looking at my watch. Especially in the beginning with the switches happening more often. Check it out at

  3. Thanks, Niki, for inspiring me!

    I was make quinoa regularly over the winter but haven’t for almost two months. Was just going to make a sandwich and thought of this blog! I made some quinoa in bulk and then threw together some kale, mixed bean sprouts, tomato with a little balsamic vinegar and evoo (yum!). SO delicious!!!! Now I have a yummy salad and a few cups of quinoa waiting for me in the fridge for a few more days of salads!

    When I get to the grocery store, I am taking this recipe to get the fixin’s!

  4. […] I planned to make this for dinner a few days ago.  Ended up switching to a modified version of this instead, as I was wanting something more raw and summery.  (It has been REALLY HOT HERE!)  […]

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