Posted by: nikicf | June 7, 2009

Goal Met!

This is quite the week of achieving goals for me!

This morning I had my last run before we headed out for holidays.  It was Week 8 Day 1, which is supposed to be a 28 minute run.  (Week 9 is the final week of the program, with 30 minute runs on all three days.)  I was running before Kaleb and Makenna had to go to school, so had a limited amount of time.  And because of this, I decided to JUST DO IT and run the 30 minutes.

And I am proud to say I DID IT! Yes, I started the Couch to 30 minutes program and made it! I worked up from running for 90 seconds at a time to thirty minutes in one stretch!  Which might seem like nothing for all you Half Marathon-ers, but it quite the accomplishment for this gal! 😉

I plan to actually finish the last two weeks of the program, with two 28 minute runs this week, and then three 30 minute runs next week.  But I had to share about today, because I feel like I kind of arrived and am proud I stuck with it!

And I even took a picture, so I could remember this moment and how good it felt.

Hot, sweaty and HAPPY!



And you must check out this fun giveaway from a cool Canadian blogger.  You can win some Full Bars!  I wanna try some!



  1. Congrats on the run!

    Great blog…I added you to my reader.

    Good luck with the Full Bar contest. 🙂

  2. Congrats Niki! I was the same way not being able to run longer than a few minutes at a time at the beginning and then it just seemed to get easier quite quickly actually. Keep with it, nothing quite like running for burning calories! Hope you are having a great time in Atlanta!

  3. Thanks Krista and Tara! I appreciate all the encouragement! 8)

  4. Totally amazing! When I wean this baby, I hope to join your club.

  5. congrats niki! you’re a runner! hope you can continue your runs while on vacation. Yes, poor Andy. I’m feeling quite sorry for him and your whole fam as I plan our sports day station, write report cards and do assessments. 🙂 Enjoy!

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