Posted by: nikicf | June 10, 2009



I had avoided the mounds of goodies so far, but tonight I had my first one of Grandma’s homemade cookies.  The kids were having their dessert/bedtime snack and before I knew it, I was munching on one of my own.  Tasted so good, I had another.

Now eating these two treats is not bad in itself.  But I wasn’t planning to do this, so I am a bit disappointed in myself.  Not that it was against my will, but I was not conscious and mindful as I made the choice to indulge.

And I didn’t want to start this pattern, just in case I can’t stop it.  (This has happened before, so I know how it works.)

My strategy?  Remember my motto (“Been there, done that”) and make the food count, whatever I decide to have, for the rest of my vacation.

And get to bed right now, so I can have a hot and sweaty work-out tomorrow morning!  Night all!



  1. Cookies are a huge trigger for me, too.

    I really like your mantra….

  2. Thanks, Krista! Our once-yearly vacation with my in-laws in Atlanta has always been the picture of indulgence (to the point of gluttony) and unhealthy choices, and I am determined to make this year different. Keeping my food journal and this blog is a big part of this decision, as it is making me accountable and forcing me to be aware and thoughtful of what I am doing.

  3. It always amazes me how much we can go back and forth in our heads – should we take the cookie? should we leave the cookies? back and forth, back and forth. well, at least for me. having a little mantra like that is so handy! put an end to all the negotiating in your head.

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