Posted by: nikicf | June 11, 2009

Weight Watchin’ in the South!

Our once-yearly vacation with my in-laws in Atlanta has always been the picture of indulgence (to the point of gluttony) and unhealthy choices, and I have been determined to make this year different.  No way I was going to undo any of the hard work of the past five months and possibly be derailed from my quest for a healthy life.

My strategies?

  • Keeping up with my online food journal.  Keeping this since I started in early January has helped me lose 37 lbs, and I plan to continue during our vacation.
  • Blogging.  Yes, little blog is part of my accountability.  I makes me take the time to be aware of what I am doing and thoughtful of the choices I am making.  Plus, I announced to y’all what I have been up to, so I can’t make a detour now!
  • Keep exercising.  My in-laws have a home gym in their basement, so I have no excuse.  Not keeping up the with C25K program, as the neighborhood they are in is super hilly, but I plan to jump back into Week 8 when I get home.
  • Go to Weight Watchers meetings while in Atlanta.  Since I made it to my weight goal, I now need to weigh in weekly (within 2 lbs above or below) for the next six weeks so I can become a “lifetime member”.  Part of the reason I so badly wanted to make it to my goal before coming down here was that this would force me to get to meetings while I was here.
  • Ask for help.  Yes, this might be the hardest thing for me to do initially, but it has worked out so well.  I told my mother-in-law before coming that I needed to get to a few Weight Watchers meetings while I was here, knowing this would make me accountable to “stay on the wagon”.  It turns out that she has been doing Weight Watchers since last fall (and has lost 20 lbs!!) and was very happy to take me to her meetings and help me eat healthily and make time to exercise.  We attended her regular Weight Watchers meeting together on Tuesday and the 6 days we have been here have gone very well.  I’m so glad I decided to put it out there and make her part of my support team!

So far so good.  No, not perfect, but good. (I don’t need to be perfect and I am reminding myself that, because I would like to be.)  And I am happy, which is pretty much the most important part.  🙂



  1. How amazing is it that your mom-in-law has been going to Weight Watchers since the fall – and you didn’t know it! What a gift that is to both of you! And a nice connecting point as well!

    You are rockin’! Keep it up!

    Miss you ‘up north’! Enjoy my home state!!!

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