Posted by: nikicf | July 14, 2009


Didn’t get to blog about it until now, as we have been away (again!) on holidays with no internet access.

But the big news is that on Sunday, July 5, 2009, I became a Lifetime member with Weight Watchers.  Yay!!  This happens after you hit your goal weight and then maintain (stay within 2 lbs above or below) for 6 weeks.  Beyond how great it feels to have reached this goal I set for myself, the reason this is extra exciting is that I no longer have to pay to attend Weight Watchers meetings (as long as I don’t weigh more than 2 lbs over my goal weight).  Can I give a big WHOOO-HOOOOOO??!!

Plus, being a Lifetime member means that now I only have to weigh in once a month.  Though it is my plan is to attend my regular Saturday morning “healthy eating meeting” (what I call Weight Watchers with my kids) as much as my schedule allows.

As we were going to be away for a week, I snuck in a Sunday morning meeting (with my kids in tow) before heading out of town so I could weigh in for this last week of “maintenance”.  It was actually kind of fun to have the gang there with me as I got my “key” award.  My kids LOVE rewards for good behavior, so they were quite cute about appreciating my accomplishment and the prize I got.

My “key” to success! 🙂


Now onwards to actually earning the lifetime title!  I’m ready and committed to doing it!  For me, and for these guys!

Georgia Aquarium

Coming Soon: a report on the family lake vacation, a killer pancake recipe, my thoughts on a book I’m working through and my upcoming Saturday race!




  2. So happy for you! Looking forward to your new blog posts!

  3. Niki!!! So, so great!!! you must feel awesome!! Looking good Mrs. Frew 🙂 Excited to hear how the run goes…i think you’ll love it!

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