Posted by: nikicf | July 18, 2009

Proud Mommy!

Proud Mommy!

Posting this on both blogs, as I’m feeling pretty proud! (Hope this is an acceptable and “Biblical” pride I have in doing something I set out to accomplish! 😉 )

I did it! My first running race EVER! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!

It was not at all the experience I expected it to be. Or pictured in my head pre-race. But it was still fun. And memorable. Oh so memorable! Can I say it again? MEMORABLE! I’m pretty sure no other race I ever do (and I’m thinking of trying another one or two) will ever be quite like this one.

So, now you are all wondering why it was so memorable, right? Did I not make it to the finish line? Did I have be rescued by the race coordinators part way? Or carried across the finish line by my local fans? Did I fall flat on my face starting my run, as I tried to push past the hoards of other runners?

Well, no. My race was memorable because I, myself, made up half of the runners running the race. I was one of two runners taking part. She, this tanned, leggy young twenty-something was there to run the 10K and I, new runner and mom to three was there to run the 5K. All the others in attendance for this event (about 15 or so of them) worked for the organizers of this Freedom Run. Even the other runner worked for CS Financial. I was surely the outsider, as the only person who was not an employee of CSF.

Being the only runner taking part in the 5K means I won my race. Or came in last. Depending on how you look at it. 😉 Funny thing (or another funny thing!) is that the other runner decided, after running the 5K loop once, not to do the 10K but to stop at 5K. Which mean I actually came in second. (Since she beat me.) Or first. (Since she forfeited on her 10K race.) Depending on how you look at it! 😛

This race looked legit. Check it out. I found it via the Running Room’s website, and the run was sponsored by the them as well. Not sure where all the other runners were today, but they certainly were running the Freedom Run with me. 😛

So ya, I felt pretty…special! And a little embarrassed to be there. But I did the race. And ran well, for me. (Around 33 min. 45 sec., according to my own watch, since this was not one of those races where they give you your time. Even though there were only 2 of us!)

And to make it even more fun, and funny – there were prizes. I came home with a $25 gift card for a spa in White Rock, a $5 gift card to Tim Hortons, a bag of Waves Coffee House coffee and a gift certificate for a free appetizer at the Boat House. Plus came home with the standard race of t-shirt and a bag, plus a cupcakes and some cookies for the kids (since there was a lot of food for just the two of us runners!).

Do you think I’ll be disappointed when I am just “one of many” at my next race???

You heard me. Next race. Not sure that I’m am “hooked” on this running thing, but I am going to give it another race or two.

At home after completing my run, modeling my “cool” race t-shirt and key chain thing-y!

I’m laughing and a little embarrassed to be having my picture taken outsite my house in my gear, even though I asked Andy to do it!
“Stole” some cupcakes to share with my kiddos!

Chowing down on Mom’s spoils!

Forgot to mention there was even an official hired photographer. Taking pictures. Of me and the one other runner. I hoping to get my hands on a few photos, just so I can relive the moment. And kill myself laughing. I’ll probably be on all the posters for next years CS Financial Freedom Run!



  1. seriously…that is so funny…none of this lol business…but genuinely laughing! THat almost sounds surreal….what a CRAZY first experience! Way to stick it out Niki. Thanks for the bedtime laughs 🙂

  2. that’s hilarious…you are awesome. Way to go!! And the way i see it – YOU WON! [The other runner quit her race half way thru.] Way to go. You *should* be proud of yourself. xo

  3. […] timed), was 28′18″, which I was very happy with.  Almost exactly 3 months since my first 5K, and I’d chopped 5 min and 27 seconds from my […]

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