Posted by: nikicf | August 7, 2009


Some days, my motivation, that sneaky little thing, is nowhere to be found.  I wake up in the morning and can tell it has left me.  Or sometimes, I can feel it leave me midway through the day, and I can only wonder (and worry) when it will return.

The past two days have been like this: lacking in the motivation department. Especially when it comes to eating well and watching portion sizes.  I’m up at my parents’ place  for a few days with the kids and unfortunately have felt a little rebellious about my eating since arriving.  Not that I have done anything too crazy or rash, but I have certainly made some bad choices since arriving (including 4 Timbits bought as a treat for the kids on our road trip, and then a rice krispie square and Welch’s fruit snacks from Grammy’s “treat bag”).

I could definitely feel my resolve to eat healthily and only when hungry wavering, and have not been sure what to do about it.  I don’t want to deprive myself so much that I totally fall off the wagon.  But I also don’t want to give and have to keep losing the same 5 lbs over and over again.

I’m wondering if part of my lack of motivation is related to my lack of exercise on these days.  Both days I had a legitimate excuse for not getting out for some exercise (early Dr’s appointment on Tues, and Dinotown destination on Wed), but still wonder if this might be part of my problem.  I always seem to eat better on the days I start out with exercise.  Not sure if it is mental (don’t want to negate my efforts and hard work) or what, but it does make me want to get out there, knowing things will be better all around if I do.

So this morning I got out there for a run.  (Thankfully my mom gave me the nudge I needed as I was up late and had a headache, and was considering not going out at all.)  I had planned, after my first 7K run on Monday, to just do an “easy” (ya, right!) 5K route and call it a day.

I had not mapped out a route beforehand, but decided to run a part of my old high school gym route along the Rotary Nature Trials, which follows a scenic path through the forest beside the Coquihalla River.  Turned out my route was about 7.48K and I ended up running all the way back to my parents’ front door as I needed to by home by a certain time so my mom could head to a Dr’s appointment and I hadn’t realized the time.  Ya, so much for an easy run!  Long run plus I had to really pick up the pace during the last stretch so I would make it home in time!

Off to bed so I have some energy for my (shorter!) run tomorrow!



  1. Wow – 7.48K! With a final sprint, too! I think it is important to grant ourselves a dose of grace when the motivation waxes and wanes as it does. I am continually amazed & inspired by your openness and reflectiveness in this journey. Just don’t be too hard on yourself!

    = )

  2. Thanks Lynda for the encouragement. Trying to be open, as I know how this has helped me so far.

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