Posted by: nikicf | August 19, 2009

Camping 2009

IMG_4886We just got home from a two day “camping” trip to Hope.  I say “camping” instead of camping because we kind of cheat and spend a bit of time at my parents while we are there (ex. nap time for Jorja and shower time for me). Works for us, so don’t knock it! 😛

It was our third annual trip and it a fabulous time!  Great weather, gorgeous local sites, and fun family memories.

And can I say how much I am enjoying being more active and in better shape? We walked quite a few places and most of the time it was easiest to have my 34 lb. bubba on my back.  I’m so glad I feel strong and have the stamina to do this.  Plus it is a great work-out to have the extra weight on my back!  Thanks Jorja!

I did pretty well with my “vacation eating”.  Can be hard sometimes to go on a holiday and not, at the same time, take a vacation from healthy eating. I planned ahead with healthy meal and snack options for myself, but did also treat myself a bit (shared a big rice krispie square with Jorja at the Home Restaurant one evening and a few dark chocolate M&Ms).  Working on the moderation idea, as this is not a diet but a lifestyle, and must be something I can maintain for good.

How do you handle “vacation eating”?  Does it become an excuse to throw in the towel with your healthy eating? Or to relax a bit and treat yourself?



  1. Just came back from camping too. You know, I find that if I go crazy nowadays and eat all the “typical” camping food, I feel REALLY bad. This last camping trip I went on, there was a whole lot of coolers, m&m’s and other yummies. I did go crazy one night and felt not so good the next day. Not so much from overdoing it, but from eating (and drinking) things my body wasn’t used to. Went straight to the grocery store and grabbed veggies and a whole lotta whole foods. Felt much better. I think if we all listened to our bodies a whole lot more, we’d be more careful about what we put into them. Don’t you think?

  2. Hi Niki…I just found your blog via A Shade of Gray!

    I have an 18 month old… and a 15 year old! yikes!

    I am trying to get my last 10 off…
    I like your blog and it’s nice to meet you!

  3. Niki! You look great!!! One of the things I love about getting back in shape is not just feeling better about how I look, but also feeling STRONG and having endurance….it’s definitely how we are meant to feel! As for eating, I tend to plateau on holidays and allow for a few more treats than usual, but dont like to overdo it 🙂

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