Posted by: nikicf | August 31, 2009

Runner’s High!

The weather was great and the temperature was perfect.  The route along the sea wall was gorgeous, and breathing in the salty sea air was neat.  This was definitely my best run yet.  It actually felt amazing!  (Can’t believe I am really saying that about running!!)

I have been secretly dreaming of running this Parkinson’s event in honour of my Dad and memory of my Grandma for several years now.  Back when I was 45+ lbs heavier and not even sure if I could actually run it.  It feels so good to have actually made this dream a reality.  I’m not even sure that it has set it that I have done it!

No pictures of me running, as my parents were still out doing the 2K route with my kids when I came in.  So these were taken afterwards, of me in my sweaty glory! 😛


With my “big kids” after we finished our  walk/run!


My dad, who I did this run in honour of!

And a big thanks to all who gave money to find a cure for this disease! The support meant a lot to both me and my family!

I really did have a great time at the SuperWalk and I am am looking forward to doing it again (hopefully with my sister and maybe even brother) next year.  And I already have my sights set on the next challenge and run.  Weird how addicting it is!  I mean, I’ve been told and read it many times.  But really didn’t think it would happen to me!  There is a 10K in September that might be calling my name!  😉



  1. CONGRATS!!!!! what a great acheivement!

    what a sweet Pops! (and you kids too!!!!) so proud of their Mom!!!


  2. you are looking FAN-tastic Niki! Can’t believe you’ve lost 46 lbs!! That’s amazing! Well done!!!

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