Posted by: nikicf | September 11, 2009

Oh dear!

Was just online looking for more info (start locations, route map, etc) for the race I signed up for.  And this is what I found on the registration form (which I had not seen, as I had registered through the Running Room website):

Maps of the course will be available with package pickup. The 10k is a test of your endurance that includes a 1k hill and the 5k fun run is a single flat loop.

All I can say is OH DEAR!  Am I going to make it?  A ONE KILOMETRE HILL?!?

I guess deep down I know I CAN do it, but this is going to make it a LOT harder.  And slower.

And worst come to worst, I could walk a minute or two.  I am really hoping not to though.  But then again, I have never run a hill that is a whole kilometre long, so I’m not sure how I’ll handle it.

Here’s my plan of attack.  All suggestions from you seasoned runners are welcomed! 🙂

Took today off (have been sleep deprived this past week because of our new fall schedule and Jorja’s recent night waking, and was really starting to feel it).  Tomorrow I’ll do a “hills” sessions (5x instead of 4 this time) before my Weight Watchers weigh in.  Sunday will be a day off and then I’ll do a full 10K on Monday I think.  Fit in a couple shorter (5K) runs Tuesday and Wednesday, taking Thursday and Friday off so I am rested and ready to run on Saturday.

We’re off for a friend’s 35th birthday tonight.  Should be fun! 🙂



  1. glad you found out now instead the day of

    deep breaths…I know you can do it!

    good to give it a practice though!

    oooh parties…fun 🙂

  2. walk breaks get a bad rap…but they actually are sooo good for you in a run. often times they’ll help you go faster. so don’t worry if you’ve got to stop for a walk. it helps the “micro-fibres” of your muscles heal and gives them a little more “umph” for the rest of the run. it’s true! and if you’re doing a bit of hill training, it helps all the more. i would LOVE to join your for the run, but i believe i was busy on that date. all the best!

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