Posted by: nikicf | September 13, 2009

Back to the Basics

Well, these last five might just be “vanity pounds”, but I’m still committed to losing them. (And then seeing how much work it takes to maintain that weight so I can decide if they are “worth” it.)  So in an effort to do this, I’m reminding myself of some of the things I did to lose the first 47.  So here is my list of “Back to the Basics”, in terms of my eating.  I have kind of gotten relaxed on a few of these (ie night time snacking and picking from the kids’ plates and snacks) and I think they will make the difference in terms of me losing vs. just maintaining my loss.

1. More water. (I’m going to try to record my water consumption in my online food journal, so I can see if I am getting my 8 x 8oz.)

2. No picking.  Especially from the kids’ plates.

3. Everything I put in my mouth goes in my food journal. Even BLTs (bites, licks and tastes)!

3. ONE snack per evening. And try to choose a non-processed healthy one as much as possible.

4. Add more fruits and VEGGIES to my day.

Today we are off to the zoo while daddy is at work.  And then after that, I’ve got a trip planned to the States with two fabulous ladies I often wish I had more time with.  Yay!

I should report that I did my “hills” training yesterday.  It was not fun and was one of my worst runs lately.  Might be that it mostly just served to make me nervous about the 10K on Saturday.  But also, IT WAS HARD.  After I did my 5x hill ups and downs, I had the hardest time running the rest of the way home.  I actually stopped about a block early because I was so beat.  Of course, this just fueled my fear about how well I will do with a 1K hill on Saturday, especially because at this point I don’t know at what point in the course it is.  I am trying to be positive though!

Today is a day off, and then tomorrow I will do a full 10K.  Still need to work out a route around here that works.  But I will do it.  And then take it easy with the length of my runs the rest of my week.

Off I go!  Have a great Sunday!



  1. The advice I got for hills in a run is to slow it down, make your arm movements slower and regulate your breathing. It seems to work well. We have a lot of hills in our subdivision where we usually run and I can agree with you that they are tough, but it does get a lot easier after a while. We just did 8km today, I think that was our longest yet. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Tara on the hills…my 8 km route has a brutal 1.68km hill….I despise it…but, it makes your endurance huge. I purposely slow my pace as I approach it and really focus on easy, even breathing…finding the rhythmn and staying in it…you’ll do great!!!!! Good basic eating tips too…those kids plates are KILLER…it’s those darn grilled cheese crusts that get me everytime 🙂

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