Posted by: nikicf | September 19, 2009

Go 419 Go!

Felt great to complete my first 10K race today! Yes, to all those who told me that doing races would be addicting – YOU WERE RIGHT! It is exhilarating and fun and I’m already looking forward to when I can do another!

My big kids had swimming lessons this morning, so my family was not able to come and cheer me on. But I was happy to have good company. Thanks Leah and family! 🙂 Next race I’m hoping my family can be there to cheer me on and take pictures of me “in action”! But until then, there are just the back-at-home victory shots.

This was my first race where I got to wear a number on my shirt. Pretty excited about that! (Yes, I’m a bit of a dork!) Go #419! 😉 It was also the first race where I had a time chip on my shoe for an official race time. I do not know what it is yet, but based on my watch, I’m thinking I did it under 57 minutes, which I am very happy about. Especially because I expected the 1 K hill to slow me down a fair bit.

And speaking of the 1 K hill, I conquered it! Ran the whole way and kept a nice even pace. I’ll admit I was happy to get to the top and have a bit of a downhill to enjoy, but it really was okay.

Thanks for all the encouragement! I appreciate it!



  1. Great time Niki! Congrats!

  2. WOW!!!! That is awesome!! You must feel so great…definitely an addict by the sounds of it…way to conquer THE HILL!!!!!

  3. Wow…. that’s fabulous. Fantastic that you ran it AND in 57 minutes! awesome. ♥

  4. Congrats on a great first 10K race! That’s a fantastic time for your first one, way to go! I love races too and agree they are totally addictive! 😀

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