Posted by: nikicf | October 4, 2009

Feeling Better Already

Wow, it is only Day 3 of being “back at it” and I already feel better and happier.  *big smile*   I need to remind myself of this whenever I want to eat badly.  NIKI (or insert your name here), IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT! (Maybe I’ll stick some post-its with these words on them around my kitchen!)

The moments of pleasure during consumption cannot outweigh how good it feels to be in control, to be eating well, and to be living healthy balanced life.  Occasional treats are fine.  They are what living a balanced life are all about.  They keep you (and me! 🙂 ) from feeling deprived and from seeing this lifestyle as a diet.

Plus, treats taste much better when they are special and savoured.  Instead of secretly gobbled down in mass, surrounded by feelings of guilt.  Now just need to use this knowledge for this candy-filled month of October!

Also, to keep me on my running track, I registered for this 10K race for November.  Booked the babysitter (as it is on a Sunday and Andy will be at work) and paid my money, so I’m committed!  I have a few friends who are thinking of doing it with me, so hopefully I’ll have some company (at least at the start line).  And I’m extending the invitation to any readers who want to join me. (Erin?  Meg?  Katherine? Christina?)  If you register before the end of the month, it is only $25.

(Ya, I pay $25 to willingly torture myself.  I still cannot believe it sometimes!)

I’m excited to have a bit longer to train.  (49 days and counting!)  This time I will be able to do a bit more to get ready, and hopefully beat my personal best from my last run.

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my last post!  I’m determined to live a healthy life, for the sake of myself and my family, and appreciate being able to be honest and open here about this struggle.  It helps in my journey, so thanks for reading (and commenting!).

Hope to post some yummy recipes this week, so be sure to check back!


Check out the 18 Rabbits bars giveaway at An Apple A Day!  Don’t they look yummy? And also some Coconut Oil here!



  1. the link didn’t follow through. is it the bear creek classic? i know that’s a nov. race…i know b/c when aaron and i were dating we were supposed to do that race and i was injured and couldn’t do it in the end. i’ll definately think about it…just give me the dates and times. we are doing the great pumpkin race/walk 5k on Oct. 25th. it’s a fun one where some people dress up. love to have you there too if you can make it (although it’s a sunday so that might not work).

  2. Fixed the link, Katherine. Join me! 🙂

    I’ll consider joining for a 5K walk with the kids, though I think 3K might be their happy limit! 😛

  3. Loved this post and last post…mostly because they were so, totally relatable. I sometimes just feel like throwing in the the towel…the whole “i deserve it” card is the worst…LOVE the post it phrase…I must make my own! It is SO true!!!! As for the run…hubby and I are going away WITHOUT KIDS for that weekend…so I will have to pass….definitely want to join you one of these days though 🙂

  4. Good post. Joined WW again and am down almost five pounds. Slow and steady…need to make an excerise goal soon. I’ll join you soon. One thing at a time.


  5. Oooh, Megan, have fun with your man on your week-end away! Yippee!

    Ya, my new mantra is “I deserve to feel healthy and happy!” 🙂

    And Meg, good job on the 5 lbs down. It is all about the slow and steady, and making lifestyle changes! Though this can be hard to sometimes not to get impatient!

  6. ;( i can’t do it – i’ll just be back from my trip which means i need to give your hubby a weekend off … so i’m on that weekend. very disappointing – i really want to take that step, so definitely keep me posted for the next one… xo

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