Posted by: nikicf | October 11, 2009

Niki, it is NOT worth it!


Sometimes the sign IS actually necessary! 😉

Yup, nighttime snacking is still a struggle. Ugh, why does it have to be so hard??!! What is my problem?!?

I know it is not just me who struggles, but sometimes it feels like it!  I guess I was also hoping that after 10 months and 50 lbs, I’d be consistently better at this. Shouldn’t I be healed of this battle with food?!?!

But in the spirit of this Thanksgiving week-end, I’m thankful that I AM working at it and putting up a fight!

Yesterday, I was looking back over the food journal I have kept since I started this journey on January 10.  I came across this list I made, way back on Day 3!!  The idea is to read your “Advantages of Losing Weight” list daily, in order to motivate yourself. Haven’t been doing this, but it does help my resolve to keep on going when I read my list.  Think I am going to try reading this list each evening, when I don’t feel like sticking to my plan.

Be happy with myself, instead of feeling negative and discouraged.
Feel good and healthy.
Have more energy.
Have more confidence.
Feel attractive and happy about my appearance.
Wear clothes I like instead of clothes that fit.
Get back in to my old wardrobe.
Wear shorts and a bathing suit.
Be in control and disciplined.
For my husband.
As an example to my children.
Accomplish something I want.
Wake up happy and not frustrated with myself (which changes the whole day).
Take care of my God-given temple.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you fellow Canadians. Off to try a healthy Pumpkin Crisp recipe that will stop me from needing to eat several slices of my Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie.



  1. Hi Niki, I think we’ve met before! Sophie put me onto your blog here because I’m currently on a bit of a health/weight loss journey. It has been 6 weeks now…. a few ups and more downs, but slowly chipping away.

    I love you list and the post-its!

    and WOW you have done so well since you started – very inspiring!!!


  2. I love your stickies! (And do tell about the pumpkin crisp.)

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