Posted by: nikicf | October 22, 2009

Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately.  I have been wanting to post for several days, but have been having trouble getting my thoughts together.  Even now I’m not really sure what I’m going to post.

I’ll start by saying that it has not been the best (read: healthiest) week for me and I’m trying to figure out what is up and why.  Sometimes the battle for health and balance is harder than others, and this is kind of where I am at now. It was seeming easy and second nature a few months back, but not so much lately.

Unfortunately, I have no huge revelations for you.  No answers to exactly why. But maybe that is just it.  There is no “easy answer” or “quick fix”.  It is, for me, a battle.  I’m hoping it won’t always be, but currently I am needing to be on guard and fighting this battle one day at a time. I printed off my “Advantages” list this afternoon so I can arm myself with the reasons why I am doing this.

I’m off to put Jorja to bed now, so I’m going to go.  I will be back soon (hopefully!) with an update post of running, and a delicious pumpkin muffin recipe that was actually a hit with my kids.

For my own motivation, I am posting two pictures of myself.  One was taken about a month and a half after Jorja was born. The other was on my 35th, this past August.  I look into my eyes and can see how much happier and comfortable I am with myself.  And no food is worth giving up that feeling.





  1. You look great Niki!!!! Can’t wait for the recipe 🙂

  2. When you have bad weeks do you notice a change in how you feel? When I eat poorly, or don’t get to work out, I feel gross. Sometimes that’s enough motivation to eat right and get exercise. Feeling good is enough motivation for me…now that I’ve realized how much better I feel without excess pounds.

    The Pumpkin Race 5km is on in White Rock…it’s supposed to rain are you up for it?

  3. and I love that you’re even holding a cake in your happy picture. 🙂

  4. you are such a beautiful girl… I love what you are sharing about your struggles and victories… i always recommend your site to gals i’m chatting with because you are such an inspiration AND you are the ‘real thing’. There just is nothing fake about you… yay, glad we are friends… xo

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