Posted by: nikicf | November 25, 2009

Another 10K race done. Whooohoooo!

Conquered the Bear Creek Classic.  😉  Had a good time doing it too!  Was so nice to be doing my second 10K (instead of my first) as I was so much more relaxed.  I slept great the night before, which is in sharp contrast to last time.  The conditions were a bit mucky (it had rained ALL NIGHT!) but we barely even got wet (apart from the puddles!) during the race.

My friend Leah, who I did my first 10K with, came out to Surrey and kept me company again.  So nice to have a buddy.  (Or two.  Her daughter ran the 5K.) Thanks again, Leah and Michelle.

I was very excited to have a little cheering section when I crossed the finish line, as my dad and Kaleb had come to see me finish.  I had seen them driving to the park while I still had a few KMs to go, and knowing they were waiting for me at the end gave me an extra boost to run my best finish!  Nothing like getting a congratulatory hug and sprig of flowers from a super cute six-year-old!

Dad was having camera malfunctions, so he didn’t get me crossing the finish line, but he did get this cute one of me and my #1 fan!

I was really hoping to beat my last 10K time and set a PR (personal record), but somehow managed to come in at the exact same time!  Exact same second! Yes, my official time at the Abbotsford Police Run was 58’57.  And my time for the Bear Creek Classic?  58’57”  Not sure I could do that again if I tried.  😛

Now trying to decide what is next.  Seriously contemplating a 15K in January, though the likely January weather is certainly a consideration.  Not sure I could run that far in the ice or snow!  And then I’ve got my eye on a half marathon in March.  Still trying to decide if this would be “fun” (if you can call running for over 2 hours fun!) or just plain crazy.  I’m crazy, but not sure I’m THAT crazy! ;P

Still working on conquering the eating battle.  Can’t say I won it yesterday, but I’m feeling good and on track today, so trying to focus on that.  One month till Christmas and I’m very aware that it only gets harder from here, with all the parties and Christmas festivities.  But I’m committed to doing this the healthy way.  I just may need a few reminders of this when faced with plates and plates of all those Christmas goodies and open boxes of chocolates.  😛

Any strategies you use for doing Christmas healthy and in moderation would be VERY welcome!  Please share!



  1. Good for you for considering a longer race after the 10k. I was the opposite, I was thinking I should go back to 5 k’s 🙂 Glad you are loving it though. Good to talk to you yesterday!

  2. Thanks Tara! I never imagined I would be considering a longer race, but I’d love to experience that sense of accomplishment after working so hard for something.

    Yes, it was great to “chat” yesterday. Hope we can do it again soon! 🙂

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