Posted by: nikicf | December 20, 2009

Pluggin’ Away!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m posting up a storm during this Christmas season on my other blog, so this little healthy journal has taken a backseat. Still on the journey, but just not documenting it as well. I’ve been mentally processing a blog about weight maintenance (versus weight loss) but just don’t have the brain power to make my thoughts coherent right now. Hopefully that will come one of these days.

As the title says, I’m plugging away on this journey. Braving new and scary territory with the approaching Christmas holidays. I’ve always succumbed to the excess of the season, with the mindset that I’d get “back on track” in the New Year. (Resolution #1 of mine for the past 15+ years? Lose __ lbs, a number which grew as the years passed and the # of kids I’d birthed got higher.) But this year I’m determined to make it different, and approach the occasion(s) with moderation in mind. I’ve been repeating my “Been there, done that” mantra of summer, to remind myself that I’ve had all these treats before.

Not that I’m saying no to all the treats and special foods of the season. I’m just trying to be smart and selective. And really savour and enjoy the ones I decide are “worth it”. (How’s that for alliteration?? Forget CCC – cool, calm and collected. I’m being SMART, SELECTIVE AND SAVOURING!)

Some days this goes well. I had a good night at Kenna’s Preschool Christmas Program, which included a treat potluck afterwards with two full tables full of goodies. (Decided to have one small bite of a cheesecake treat from Kenna’s plate, and was good with that.)

Other days I just want to eat. And keep eating. And not think about what I should eat. Or portion sizes. These days are hard. I either keep my head about me and refrain, or I give in to the desire. And then wish I hadn’t when I wake up the next morning.

All that to say, I’m working at it. Daily. Hourly. My weight is a bit up from my lowest weight, but I still feel good and healthy. I’d like to get it down that few pounds, but refuse to obsess about it. I’m in the best shape of my life and mom to three kids. I gotta learn to love it now or I never will.

Kenna’s Christmas baking



  1. love your perspective niki!!! the first time i lost weight, i started on december 14th…STUPID!!! But it was actually cool too…I was tempted 3 times at work the first day (nurse = lots of chocolates from patients and doctors) and felt so STRONG, after making good choices…it turned out to be good thing to face so much temptation…good practice for the long haul! enjoy your christmas friend…complete with a few sweets 🙂

  2. I guess the trick is to balance between not obsessing over every little thing, but at the same time, making sure you maintain a healthy weight and staying healthy (exercise, the right foods, etc.)

    Are you doing any runs in the New Year? I know there is one on New Year’s Day in South Surrey put on by Penninsula Runners. It’s an 8km.

  3. Working at it here! Two big occasions down, and two more to go!

    Katherine, not doing the 8K in S. Surrey, though that sounds fun. I’m doing a 15K (eeeek!) in January call the Chili Chase. Nervous but excited, and the thought of it is getting me out there now!

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