Posted by: nikicf | January 13, 2010

On a roll!

I’m on a roll with my recipe sharing!  So I thought I’d add this one.  A favorite at my house.

Chocolate Cottage Cheese Whip

aka Chocolate Fruit Dip

It is easy, healthy and a yummy treat!

I just process a large tub of 1% cottage cheese till super smooth.  I use my Bamix right in the container, but a food processor would work great as well.  Then I add cocoa powder (~1/4 c.), Splenda (to taste), and a tiny bit of vanilla extract.

Then either eat as a healthy chocolate pudding or use as a fruit dip.  I also like to add some stewed berries for either purpose, as the contrast of creamy chocolate and tart fruit is scrumptious!

You can also omit the chocolate and just add a little more vanilla for a vanilla whip.  I sometimes do both and then swirl them together!

Off I go to do a little stationary biking while reading my book for my women’s Bible study in the am. Night!



  1. awesome…canNOT wait to try this!

  2. yum!

  3. Let me know how you like it, girls!

  4. […] on to the recipe.  I know I have posted about my blended cottage cheese creations before, but I have discovered a new variation that rocks my (and my husband’s) world, and so I must […]

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