Posted by: nikicf | January 18, 2010

Oh ya baby!

Cheesy title, but I’m feeling pumped!  Just ran my first ever 15K today and feel so good.  Well, my body is protesting just a bit and demanding an epsom salt bath, but otherwise, I’m feeling great!  So happy I did it and proud of my accomplishment!  I was getting very nervous the past few days and kind of wishing I had stuck with the familiar 10K.  But now that I am done, and it went well, I am so glad I decided to set a new goal and pursue it.

Am reveling in the fact that I only started running in April of 2009.  Did my first day of the Couch to 5K program on April 7, 2009, only 9 months and 10 days ago.  So I have progressed from 8 x 60 seconds to 1:27:43!  I have a hard time even believing that sometimes!  Besides the fact I never imagine in a million years that I would actually like running.  But I do.  Even today, while running for ONE HOUR 27 MINUTES AND 43 SECONDS!

I’m even happy with my time.  I was trying not to have too much expectation for my first race of this length.  I just wanted to do my best and finish strong.  But I was able to beat my pace (just barely) for my last 2 10K races, even over the longer race.

Super runner and three time half marathoner Christina kept me company for the first 9ish K, which was great.  We chatted (her a little more than me, as I’m not used to running and talking at the same time) and visited and generally kept my mind off of what we were actually doing – a freaking 15K race!  For the last 6K, I was on my own with my ipod for company.  I felt good and even though I had contemplated taking one or two 1 min. walk breaks, I didn’t feel I needed them and was able to keep up a steady pace and run the whole way.  And even had a little push left at the end to pick up the pace while Christina cheered me on! (Thanks Christina!)

I had JUST run through the finish line at this point.  I think the look on my face is giggling with excitement!  ;P

Will hopefully have a few more pictures to post documenting my race over the next few days.  I didn’t bring a camera (and my cell phone died in the car on the way there!) and was there on my own, but there was an official photographer taking pictures which will be online soon hopefully.

Off to enjoy my bath!  Anyone want to join me in Abby on Saturday (yay!), March 13 for my next race??



  1. Way to go Niki! So when are you doing your first half? Only 6 1/2 km more than a 15km!

  2. Wow!! I’m so proud of you. What an accomplishment – from “Couch” to 15 km in less than a year. And you definitely show the benefits of all that running.

  3. SOOOOO awesome Niki! way to go 🙂 you look AWESOME for having just crossed the finish line! I would be very red-faced and sweaty 🙂
    what an awesome accomplishment!

  4. Wowee Niki! You’re amazing! And may I say, when we got the Christmas card from you guys, my first thought was that you had lost heaps of weight!!

  5. seriously, seriously awesome!!! What an amazing time too!

  6. Whooo-hoooooooo!!! I have been wondering how Sunday went and was thrilled when the weather was SO perfect for a run! CONGRATULATIONS NIKI! You are an inspiration to many, many!!!

    AWESOME pics and loved your commentary…can sense your serious and much deserved adrenalin rush! YAHOO!!!!!

  7. Thanks all! I appreciate your encouragement! Feels so good to have completed the goal I set for myself!

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