Posted by: nikicf | February 10, 2010

Postcard from Paradise

Holiday was AMAZING.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  Now I’m just trying to recover from a week of indulgence and get back on track.  I always find getting back to “real life” and “real eating” hard.

But this go round, I’ve got myself set up for success.  First, before I left for vacation I registered myself for my first 1/2 marathon.  Yes, folks, I plan to run 21K just 31 days from now!  This will get me out running hard and exercising.  Plus, I hope it will keep my eating in check, as I remind myself that I don’t want to drag that ______ (fill in treat here) for 13.1 miles!

Secondly, ‘Niki’s Losing It’ blog is sponsoring a 15 week At Home edition of the Biggest Loser challenge.  My sister is currently doing an online challenge like this and is loving it.  She has had so much interest from friends, we’ve decided to set up another group.  We’re including all the details here, in case there are others out there who would like the friendly competition and support to get healthy and lose weight.  The Challenge is a fun and encouraging way to find the motivation you need.  Contact me if you want in.  🙂

Off I go to pick-up #2 from preschool.



So . . . Are you ready? Ready to make a change, drop some pounds, have some accountability, make some friends, have some fun . . . All in the next 15 weeks?

Here is the scoop on the Biggest Loser: At Home –

$25 to join
15 weeks (February 12 to May 28th)
Minimum weight loss goal of 15 pounds
Maximum 25 people
Winner: person with the highest percentage of weight loss as of May 28th takes the whole pot of money (a new wardrobe??!)

Join in the fun, encouragement, teamwork and support of the by-invite-only Biggest Loser: At Home blog. Be honest, share your journey, post new recipes and keep track of your competition. 🙂


Weigh in every Friday morning (on the same scale, prior to eating and with the same amount of clothing on) and post your results on the blog.

Start Weight :
Current Weight:
Lost this Week:

Total Lost to Date:
Percentage of Weight Loss:

Take your measurements (to share on the blog or as a individual way to monitor your progress). Take before and after pictures (with as little or as much clothing as you would like).  Ladies only!!  Must consume of minimum of 1200 calories each day — no crazy dieting.  This is about life change.  Set a weight loss goal for yourself for the 15 weeks (minimum 15 pounds).

Please invite any friends, family members or co-workers that you think might be interested.  In the current challenge I (Juli) am in, the span ranges in ages from 23 to 60 and in weight from 138 to 280.  So, anyone can join.

If you are up for the fun and the challenge . . . Please confirm via facebook or e-mail that you are ‘in’ by Thursday, February 11th. Late entries will be accepted (up to a total of 25 people) until February 14th.



  1. can’t wait to see more pictures of the holiday 🙂
    i LOVE that you are doing a biggest loser at home competition. fantastic idea to limit it to 25 people too. yay – so exciting!

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