Posted by: nikicf | February 16, 2010

The BLAH Plan

So, what is my plan of attack for the 15 weeks of the Biggest Loser: At Home Challenge, you ask?

Pretty much more of the same.  Just committing to get “back to the basics” of healthy and clean eating, after a few months of letting things slide a little.  My weight had begun to creep back up over the past few months (hello Christmas and all inclusive resort in Jamaica!), and I’m determined to change this and force it to head back down.  So…. lots of good, quality, non-processed foods. Watching my quantities.  And my snacking!  (Definitely evening snacking is my downfall!!!!)  I also might actually count (Weight Watchers) Points for awhile, especially if I see my weight loss stall at all over the challenge.

As for exercise, I’m gearing up for my 1/2 marathon, so will be running hard (4x per week) for the next few weeks. I’m also trying to do some sort of exercise six days per week (my Turbo Jam and Sculpt DVDs on my days off running).  After the half is done, I’m going to switch it up a bit and run only 3x per week, and add a bit more strength training and toning instead.  (Might have to try the Shred, after all that I’ve heard about it!!)

So ya, nothing new.  Just doing what I know I need to do!  It should be fun though, as we’ve got a blog set up for the challenge, so have the encouragement and accountability I know I need. Plus, some I’ve got some great friends doing it will me – YAY!


If you are interested in doing a BLAH challenge, let me know.  We hit the 25 gal cap on the current challenge so are arranging to start up another gang that will kick off this Friday and run for 14 weeks.  Same rules, just a week shorter, so both challenges will end on the same date. $25 is a small amount to pay for the encouragement, extra motivation, accountability and chance to win, so consider it if you are wanting to get healthy and lose weight.  🙂


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