Posted by: nikicf | February 19, 2010

Not My Favorite #

No, it is not my favorite number, but it is a number I’m happy with. 😀  Mostly because it is 2.6 lbs LESS than last Friday.  Yay!  We’re headed in the right direction, folks!

I’m loving the support and motivation of the Challenge though!  It totally made me think twice before making bad snacking choices in the evening.  On several nights!  Not that I couldn’t do even a bit better with my choices.  But it did help to remind myself that I’d be sharing my success (or failure) with my 23 fellow challengers on Friday!

Should mention that we’ve actually started another group, as we’ve had even more gals say they were wanting to be a part.  Isn’t that awesome?!?  It started today officially, but if you want to get in, there is still time.  Just let me know and I’ll get you started.  You WILL NOT regret it!

Off to have some Sopa de Tortilla with avocado for lunch!  Yum!  And then off to the park with the kids and the cousins once school is out.  We MUST enjoy the sunshine while we have it!


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