Posted by: nikicf | March 4, 2010

Last Night…

I had ANOTHER incident.  This time with freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies.  Oh dear.  😦

Kenna wanted to bake together in the afternoon and I said yes.  Was fine until the kids were all in bed and hubby was out at work and I was alone.  Not sure why, but the cookies were calling my name.  And I did not say no.  Even after I stuck them in the garage to drown out the calling.  Again, oh dear. 😦

Argh!!!  I feel so much heavier today from my bad choices!  I’m sure it’s mostly mental, but I swear those cookies headed straight to my thighs! 😦

Today I’m working to shake the guilt and frustration with myself.  I do want to learn from my mistakes, but it is counter-productive to dwell on them and let them get me down.  So I move on, dragging my butt back on the wagon.  And pray for a better day!

Lara (of Thinspired) talked about a similar situation here, and I really liked what she had to say. (Also nice to know I’m not the only one who this happens to!)



  1. Oh man. I can so relate on this. I really have to do my best to keep stuff out of the house, but alas, I’m not the only one living in it!
    And the mental weight gain? Sometimes I’m pretty sure my mind adds and subtracts those pounds on the scale….
    hoping today was better…maybe easier with less fresh cookies?

  2. Mental weight gain is brutal for me! And makes me grumpy to live with, though I’m working on that! I swear I could feel those cookies stuck to my a**!! :S

    We’ve had a few better days since, and I’m trying to “learn my lesson”. No baking except for a specific occasion where ALL the goodies will be LEAVING my house. Smaller batches too!

    And have a plan each night for my evening snack time. The rest of the day is pretty mapped out and it works. It is when I look around in the evening for healthy options (and I have lots), that I end up binging, even on “good” food. I’ll see how that goes in the next week or so and let you know!

  3. […] plain and simple.  Sure, I hadn’t eaten too well on a few evening occasions (ummmm…oatmeal cookies!!), but I still felt like I had done the work to get my weight down, even if just a little.  Plus, […]

  4. You are NOT alone! I think this happens to all of us! Those days are hard! But, we work past them, focusing on the choices we make for “the now” and for “the future.” Good luck!

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