Posted by: nikicf | March 8, 2010


I was a bit frustrated after this week’s BLAH weigh-in.  Well, more that a bit actually, but I’m over it now.

I worked hard this week (45K running, 5 evening sessions on the bike for 238 min. total and one 30 min. Turbo Sculpt session) and had really hoped to see it on the scale.  But instead, I was UP a pound.  Grrrrrrr!!!  I couldn’t even take a picture of the number on the scale, as I was so disappointed and mad.

It was very hard to get perspective once I saw the scale that morning. I was bummed out, plain and simple.  Sure, I hadn’t eaten too well on a few evening occasions (ummmm…oatmeal cookies!!), but I still felt like I had done the work to get my weight down, even if just a little.  Plus, the 140’s seem so close I could almost touch them. I felt discouraged!

But a few days have passed and I’ve let go of the disappointment.  I’m back plugging away, hoping this week is better.  But also reminding myself that it really is about being healthy, and not about a number on a scale.  And being healthy means both physically and mentally, so it really is counterproductive to get down about the number as this is detrimental to my mental healthy and well-being.  No joke!

My plan this week is to focus on the health aspect of it instead of the #s, while at the same time trying to deal with my nighttime snack struggles. My strategy for curbing my evening troubles?  A green monster smoothie every evening.  No decisions to make.  And nothing if is past 9:30 pm (keep in mind I’m usually up till 12 or later).

I’ll let you know how it goes!  Tonight was the first night and the smoothie seemed to have hit the spot.  I wasn’t even tempted to keep on snacking.  Yay!

Anyone want to share their helpful tips for the evening munchies?  Any help or ideas I can get would be GREAT!



  1. i’ve been struggling with this evening snack thing lately too. it used to be so simple: “the kitchen closes at 8.” but somehow that’s been a bit more flexible lately.
    so no suggestion, sorry – just a fellow evening snacker falling victim to the temptation!

  2. Herbal tea sometimes works for me…but I’m not much of a tea drinker. More often I will make a mug of Krakus (did you ever have it at the Plant’s house?…that’s where I know it from) It is the best coffee substitute ever! I found it at the Silver Hills outlet in Abbotsford. I’ve only seen icky tasting chicory drinks at other stores.

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