Posted by: nikicf | March 9, 2010

Not Hungry!

But still want to eat!  😦  Why is this the way my evenings always seem to go?

Probably not the best idea to be sitting here (with my feet up at my parents’ house) surfing health blogs, as they always have great photos of yummy food.  I came across these Black Bean Brownies (great alliteration!), and I’m in love! Don’t they look scrumptious??!?? I WILL have to make them, but sometime when I know they have a destination (other than on my butt!!).

So I’m headed to bed to avoid what might happen if I stay up.   I’ve done good till now, but not sure my willpower can hold up much longer.  And I don’t want to be scrounging through my mom’s pantry looking for junk I don’t need.

Plus, tomorrow I’ve got another run planned (my second to last before THE DAY) and this way’s I’ll be fresh! 😉

And off I go!



  1. I’ve made those and they were a big hit with everyone! Very gooey and moist…Good luck with your half!

  2. I stumbled upon this recipe a couple of years ago and have been meaning to try them. Apparently they are popular with kids.

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