Posted by: nikicf | April 24, 2010

Days Since Last Accident

Not that I have to be “perfect” with my eating (which, I know, is a scary way to think), but I am trying to eat moderately and with self-control.  Without any out-of-control “accidents”.  This sounds easy when I write it, but it really is not always easy for me.

Daytime is always fine.   But then evening comes, and for some reason I just want to eat.  And not just a small snack either.  This past month has not been very good in regards to eating for hunger, with health in mind, and in moderation.  And I hate that.  Besides my physical well-being, feeling out of control seriously hinders my mental and emotional state.

I’m still trying to figure out why it is such a struggle.  And how to conquer this struggle.  I’m working on it.

I’ve got three “good days” under my belt now; three days since my last “accident”.  Praying for more days like these ahead of me.


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