Posted by: nikicf | May 10, 2010

Still Here

Thought I’d better write a post, lest you all think I’ve disappeared.  And since I plan on “disappearing” in a week (our month long family road trip), I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you.  Or the blog.  Or healthy living.

These past few weeks have not been my best eating weeks. Not in a long shot.  But I’m working on moderation.  And forgiveness.  And not having to be perfect.  I went for a 10K run this morning, and though it was not my best run ever (it was hard, and I felt tired), I think I was able to clear my head a bit and press my reset button.  Yay for new days and fresh starts.

The big deal these days is getting all planned and packed and ready for our big family adventure down the coast of Washington, Oregon and California.  A lot of time and energy has been gobbled up by getting prepped for this trip of a lifetime!  We are getting so excited!

One of my main concerns at this point is getting in the groove and habit of traveling healthy.  NOT going to be easy!  My willpower to make the healthy choices and stop when full has been scarce these days, and I’m not sure how to ensure it actually shows up on the vacation.  Plus, roadtrips have a way of going the junk food route, with the chips and candies and such sold at roadside stops.  Camping is not known for health-food either, with the hot dogs and s’mores, etc.

My plan? (You know, I like to have a plan. 🙂 )

Pack and buy healthy food. —> Working on a list of easy healthy meals for on the road.

Load up on fruits and veggies. —> Hoping to get lots of yummy summer fruit.  And veggies on the grill are my absolute fave!

Write it down. —>I’ve not been so good at this lately, but I want to journal EVERYTHING I EAT.  Whenever I start eating bad, I just stop recording what I’m eating.  This is NOT how this is supposed to work.

Get exercise, family style. —> Not sure I’ll be able to run (Andy gets worried when I’m off running on my own in a foreign place) but hope I can still get my heart pumping regularly.  From stuff I can do with the kids (hiking, frisbee, skipping, soccer, swimming, etc) to stuff I can work in during the day (circuit type stuff with weights, skipping, etc), I hope to be very active.

Any other ideas or suggestions for a successful HEALTHY road trip would be greatly appreciated.  Or if you have any extra motivation or stick-to-it-ness you can give or loan me would be great too! ;P

I’m off to bed, as I’m hoping to get in a decent work-out tomorrow before Kaleb goes to school.



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