Posted by: nikicf | July 2, 2010

Three Days Under My Belt

Three days of eating well and exercising again.  YAY! Thankfully, that is all it takes for me to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

It will take some hard work and dedication to undo the damage (done over the 7 weeks since we started our holidays), but I’m going to make it happen.  I might get discouraged along the way.  But I will keep chugging along.  It is so worth it.  Feel so much better to be eating sensibly and sweating daily! 🙂

Off to bed now.  I’m exhausted and need a good sleep so I can tackle tomorrow.  (Another exercise session + packing for a week on a lake with my extended family.  Rough life, I know! 😉 )



  1. i’m doing the exercise thing, but need to watch my portion sizes! But i agree…seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel certainly helps!!!
    keep it up 🙂 Enjoy your week away!

  2. I’ve just come back from 4 days away of not watching what I have been eating… terrible. Hope I can get back into the right groove again.

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