Posted by: nikicf | July 3, 2010

And off we go again!

Just working on the last few things on my packing list for tomorrow trip.  Yes, we are off again!  This time to Chase, in the BC Interior, for a week with my family at a house on the lake.  This is a vacation we do every year, though not always to the same location.  Besides being sick of packing, I’m very much looking forward to the trip.  Should be lots of fun with the fam!

Expecting to be able to make this a healthy holiday, and I’m excited about that.  My sister is there to encourage me and keep me on track.  She also does all the meal planning, so I know there will be good healthy food to eat.  And we’ll hopefully get some daily exercise as well.

Better not sit here any longer, as I’m running out of energy and I need to get the last few (or more!) things so we can be ready to head out in morning.  We are supposed to have internet while away, so you might even get an update this coming week.  🙂



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