Posted by: nikicf | July 15, 2010

Back in the routine…

Or trying to be.

The holiday report?

Started the week off well – exercised with my sis, ate well and healthy portions.
Gradually got slack as the week went on.  Started eating more and more and adding in the unhealthy crap I have a love/hate relationship with.  Hurt my neck (climbing in a tree cherry picking – I’m too old for that!) and skipped the exercising.

Home now and its taken me a few days to get back on track. 😦  The neck and back have been bad, so today was the first day I was out on the road running (well, if you can call it that – I was moving pretty slowly) again.  Good eating always goes better when I had a morning work-out.  (I just hate to ruin all that hard work!)

I have moments of being discouraged about the extra pounds I now need to work off, but I refuse to let it get me down.  Or become an obsession.  I know now how good it feels, physically and emotionally, to be at my “healthy weight” and so I will word hard to get back there.

So hopefully you’ll see me here a lot now that all of our roadtrips are over and we are getting back to “normal life”.

Anyone else trying to get back in the saddle again after a vacation, literally or otherwise?

(Tamara, thanks for sharing where you are at!  Here’s to new beginnings!!)

Off to get some chores done around the house while #3 sleeps.



  1. well, i’m heading out on holidays in 2 days and i’m hoping to stay in the saddle as much as i can. but there will be no DVD workouts, i have no idea if i’ll be able to run there (unfamiliar territory, so i’d want someone with me, who knows if i can convince a SIL), but I plan to SWIM SWIM SWIM as much as I can. i’m planning to keep out evening snacks.
    all that said…it’s my first holiday wearing a bikini, so i’m finding that to be extra motivating to eat right, or it will show right away!!!
    it’s tough getting back in the saddle…but once you get up there, it’s just like riding a bike, right? 🙂

  2. So even though I’m preggo and that’s usually the excuse to “let go” of cal restrictions I’ve been having to watch how much I gain as um, it all came on pretty quickly a couple of weeks ago. So I too am trying to get back to exercising and eating right. Don’t want to gain 60 lbs. and have a 6 lb baby like my sis! Sorry you got hurt but I’m so glad you climbed that cherry tree. Gotta keep young somehow!

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