Posted by: nikicf | July 25, 2010

One Track Mind

I have a one track mind. I think I’ve know this about myself for quite awhile. (Maybe you’ve known too! 😉 )

Basically, it means that when I’m into something, I’m really into it.  All or nothing. That’s me.

The good way to look at it?  I’m focused.

The bad way?  I’m preoccupied with one thing. To the point that I can’t/don’t put energy into other things.

We’ve been doing some renos around the house these past few weeks.  Tiling a backsplash, painting and updating two bathrooms, plus other littler projects.  And the hubby and I have been staying up laaaaaaaaate to get stuff done without the distraction of 3 small “helpers”.

So ya, you can just guess what my eating and exercising has been like during this time.  😦  I’m not wishing summer away at all, but I am beginning to look forward to fall and the normal schedule it will bring with it.  Not that I can’t get back to good healthy eats and heart-pumping exercise now, but I know it will be easier then to get into a healthy routine.

That being said, the projects are winding down.  I was in bed at a slightly more decent time last night and even got up this morning to run (only 2.75, as my body wasn’t feeling it) and walk for 35 minutes before Andy headed out.  (He’s checking out other churches as part of his sabbatical.)  Wasn’t much, but it was a start.

On the eating side of things, I’ve got all the “supplies” to eat healthy (stocked up on fruits, veggies, etc).  And I just need to DO IT!  And NOT give in to desires when I hit a slump and feel like eating. Plus get motivated to actually plan good meals and cook them.  (It has been awhile since I was “into” cooking, with holidaying and all.  And these last few weeks have been especially pathetic.  I feel like I forgotten how to cook even!)

My belly is now full of my pumpkin custard oat bran and the rest of the day I’ve got plans to give myself a veggie detox.  Saying it here so that I’ve got the accountability of my (huge!) readership! 😉

Thanks for listening/reading!



  1. it’s too bad we don’t live closer and could exercise together regularly….even brisk walking! the accountability always helps.
    how did the veggie detox go? (we’re having samosas for dinner…tomorrow is my ‘restart’ day.)

  2. I went to my local clothes shop and was horrified at the view in the changing room mirror and then panicked because there was a child going round twitching curtains!! I don’t know WHAT I am going to do about all that flabby white belly. I can’t stand it but I also don’t know how on earth I am going to fit exercise in when Thierry leaves before 7am and gets back at 6.45pm! How do you fit it in????

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