Posted by: nikicf | July 31, 2010

Potluck Party

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I love, love, LOVE how the internet gives access to so many delicious and healthy recipes. I think it is so cool that I can type in a few words, and then be directed to a bunch recipes that fit my requirements.

Yesterday, I was heading to a (healthy) potluck (more on this later) where I was to bring a meat dish.  I wanted to do some sort of BBQ’d skewer and chicken was the meat I had on hand.  So I typed in four words in a google search: chicken, marinate, healthy, skewer and this was my first result.

Immediately I knew this was the recipe for me.  Almond butter and cilantro?  Two HUGE favorites!  Plus I had almost every ingredient without going out to get anything at the store.  Perfect.

So I made this marinade/dipping sauce. And the verdict?  Yum!  Twas a hit with the potluckers AND with my family when I served it again tonight (left-over sauce so I made some more, this time baked instead of BBQd).

Dinner tonight – Baked satay chicken with grilled zucchini rubbed in olive oil, salt and pepper

So back to the potluck.  Last night we had a get-together for our Biggest Loser at Home (the weight loss competition my sister and I organized).  Our 15 weeks ended in May, but we planned this (healthy) potluck ages ago so we could meet in person.  Only a few gals could make it, but we had a lovely night together.  Some of these gals had never met, but we had loads of fun getting to know each other and got along great.  Lots of laughs, plus many good healthy tips shared.

I was a slight bit nervous, being as I’m not exactly as my lowest weight or feeling as fit as I’d like.  But I’m so glad we planned this get-together.  It was so motivating to see these “losers” in person!

They look FANTASTIC!  See for yourself!

Katrina (middle) placed third, Tamara (2nd from the right) was fourth, and Dawn (left) was in second place by just a hair!


Can you tell we had fun??

Sis and I

(Photos courtesy of Dawn. Hence why she is in so few of them.)

I really was inspired by these amazing women and their fantastic losses.  As a result, I had a great day today, getting in a good work-out (on the way to and from my Weight Watchers meeting – 10K total, 8K running) and eating well (clean) and in moderation.  The darned scale didn’t show the work I’ve put in this week, but I really am feeling better and happy to be on course and treating my body well.



  1. Way to go Niki – 8 km running!! Wow that’s great. It really was a fun evening getting to know everyone. I had figured I’d be home by 9 or 9:30. Hah! Couldn’t believe the time when I finally got home. Thanks again for your part in inspiring me.

  2. i love that you got together!!! so awesome – you all look fantastic. and to see Katrina again…wow, it has been YEARS!!! very neat 🙂

  3. Hey Niki!! Just checking in here since it’s been a while, and remembering the wonderful time we had that weekend. Thank you for being a friend!

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