Posted by: nikicf | August 17, 2010

First Meal Back

My tummy finally gave me the go ahead to start eating “normal” food last night around 6 pm.  (Yes, my BRAT diet lasted about 5 hours.)  I tried to think of something that wasn’t too heavy, but what I was really craving, after not having a real meal since Friday supper (this is Monday supper by now), was French Toast.  My kids don’t love it, so we rarely eat it around here.  But it was a staple in my mom’s rotation, so it is not only yummy, it is comfort food to me as well.

Not that I really needed a recipe for this simple dish, but I decided to google “clean eating French toast” anyways to get the proportions right.  Came across this site as my first result, and am so glad I did as there are lots of other yummy and “clean” dishes I’m excited to try.  (Had to add to my blog list so could come back to it.)  And doesn’t her French toast look yummy?

I decided to add a blueberry sauce (just blueberries, a few drops of liquid Stevia and a tiny bit of water) and whipped skim (with my super-Bamix) to make my meal perfect and complete.  Oh yum!  What a great first meal!


T’was so good, I had it again for breakfast! 🙂

And for dinner tonight?  Another recipe I found while bed-bound called Southwestern Quinoa.  I’ll let you know what we think.


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