Posted by: nikicf | March 10, 2011

My Plan

Nothing like posting my “plan” online for the whole world to see (or all three of you!! ;P ) to help keep me accountable!

It is pretty simple, but here goes:

1) Back at Weight Watchers.  Attending weekly.

I’m a “Lifetime Member” (made it to this goal back in July 2009) but am over my goal weight by more than 2 lbs so will have to pay.  The idea of paying again to attend killed me at first, but I’ve figured out that I need the help (and even the financial penalty!) to get back where I need to be.  Weighing in weekly really does make me think twice before deciding to “give up” on my health plans and just eat. (Which is what was happening daily for the past several months. 😦 )

2) Track my food and activity.

I know I’ve said before how much tracking works for me.  Which is why I’ve been keeping a separate food and exercise blog since early 2009.  (Not that I’ve been faithful with this lately, but I do know that it is a help for me to write/type it all out there.)

This go-round, I’ve got a free trial of the Weight Watchers ETools. I’ve just started using it in the past few days, but it I’m liking it so far.  That is where I’ll be tracking my food/Points.

Also, as belated Christmas gift, I purchased a Fitbit Tracker, a device that measures fitness data (such as the number of steps walked, daily activity level, quality of sleep, etc).  I’ve just been using it for a week or two, but really am loving it.  Seeing all my stats charted out actually has made me want to be more active, all throughout the day. Especially the daily activity level worked out in a pie chart  – makes me want to get off my butt and keep the “sedentary” section from growing any bigger!

3) Exercise!

I’ve really not got into the good exercise groove I was in early last year.  During that time, I was able to figure out a plan to fit it into a specific space in my schedule.  It actually became a regular part of my life I enjoyed and even craved.  Lately, this has not been the case.  I have exercised some, but not with the same regularity or intensity.  As a result, my fitness level has gone down, and being discouraged with this has NOT made me want to exercise more, unfortunately.  Running, specifically, has been frustrating, and so I have found excuses to skip it.

At this point, I have not figured out exactly what the answer will be. Running – maybe.  I want to get back at it and love it again.  But if this doesn’t happen, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I just need to find something I love that I can do regularly.

Our new schedule (with Andy’s transitional job) is still being ironed out, but we’re working to  figure out a plan that works.  I am committed to adding activity wherever I can though, and I do think this will be easier with spring just around the corner.  Already, we are walking to school more and have gone on a family hike at a local park.

I plan to keep to updated!  So check back here and bug me! 🙂




  1. i think the winter months bring out the super strong desire to get things moving again after being sick, ‘hibernating’ and eating hearty winter foods. lent has be off refined sugar (i’m not being super picky, but basically sweets, baking and treats that I would normally go to for a ‘fix’) and all evening snacking. my exercise is going alright, but i do think i need to step it up one notch during these 2 months so that i can lose my 8lbs and then take it back to what i’m at now for maintenance. but i want to run more (without the kids – they’re getting so heavy in the stroller!)
    looking forward to reading your updates here!

    • Thought about doing something like that for Lent, but wasn’t sure I’d have the right motives and “wreck” it! Neat that you are though.

      Thanks for checking in on me! The accountability it good!

  2. This is good for me to hear because I need some motivation too! We’re moving in a couple of weeks and I’m determined that once we’re in our new place I’m going to start exercising more regularly again. I’ve managed to keep off the weight that I lost last year but I feel flabby and out of shape again. Yuck!! Thanks for the update and yes, I will keep checking back. :oP

    • Congrats on the move, Tamara! You must be excited (not about the actual move though – ugh!). I think spring makes it a lot easier to exercise, as it feel to good to get out to enjoy the good weather (if we ever get it). So hopefully we can both shape up again. Good for you for keeping off all those pounds you lost! Especially with all your world traveling!

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