About Niki

Hi there! My name is Niki. I am 34 years old stay-at-home mom to three kids (ages 6, 4 and 1 and a half). I’ve made the decision that this is the year (2009) that I purposefully commit to healthy living and losing the weight. I started about 45 lbs above my goal weight (thanks to 3 pregnancies AND and unhealthy eating/lack of exercise) was determined that this time I was going to lose it. I want to look good, feel good and be a good example to my three beautiful children. I’m using Weight Watchers as my accountability, with the weekly weigh-ins keeping me honest and focused. And I’m working to add activity to my life. I don’t love it, but know how good it feels to be fit!

Me with two of my “motivations” for getting my life on a healthy path!



Aug. 2009 Update

I’ve done it!  I’ve finally reached my weight loss goal!  And just in time for my 35th birthday (Aug. 23) as I had hoped (and worked for).  Now to work on maintaining this loss and continuing to improve my fitness level and overall strength.  I hope you stick around for this life-long part of the journey.





  1. I LOVE the pic! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and for joining the Annie’s Mac and Cheese Giveaway.

    Good luck in your quest – you will get there!

  2. Hi Niki – way (weigh!) to go on reaching your goal weight! I totally now how great it feels!

    In your header pic, are you wearing a Mei Tai? I used one with my second daughter and loved it!

    LOVE finding other healthy mama’s out here in blogworld – thanks for commenting!

  3. Sorry for not responding, Alison! I am a total carrier junkie! I actually make pouch slings and have a website where I sell them, as well as BabyHawk mei tais. (www.coastalsling.com)

    In the photo I am actually wearing a Patapum structured carrier.

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