The Exercise I Do

I actually keep an online exercise record (and food journal) over at my old website.  Not exactly interesting reading, but you can check it out here.

When I first started this round of the journey (in Jan 2009) , I focused mostly on what I was eating and not on the exercise part of the weight loss equation.  Once I was doing this successfully, I began to try to add more exercise and activity to my days.  With three kids at home and a busy schedule, it was not easy.  Especially starting out.  But now that I have worked it into our schedule (yes, it takes the help and cooperation of the whole family for this momma to get exercise!), it has become habit and something I (almost) enjoy, look forward to (it IS alone time!) and need to do (my husband can vouch for this!).

Here is what I have been doing since getting on the exercise wagon:

Walking – started with this and still do it as much as I can with the kids (to and from school, to t-ball, etc)

Turbo Jam – bought my first DVD’s in between kid #2 and #3 and enjoyed them.  Started back up in February and am really (for the most part) enjoying them.  Especially enjoy seeing the results (more muscle and stamina)!  I love that I can do these videos even when it is raining, snowing, freezing.  Or when Andy is not home and I need to sneak in to the garage to exercise.

Running – Yes, I am actually “learning” to run.  Or more like training my body not to die while running!  😛  I am using the Couch to 5K program, which I really like.  I am currently (as of the end of May) finishing my 5th week of the 9 week program, and will attempt my first 20 minute run tomorrow!!  (Those exclamation marks are of both excitement to be at 20 minutes, and FEAR to be at 20 minutes!  Hope I can do it!)  My goal with running is to do a 5K with my sister sometime in the fall.  And then we will see after that!


Update: September 2009

I’m excited to update this page of my blog, because I’ve come a long way since I began this journey to become healthy and fit.  Further than I ever thought I would even!

I completed my first 5K race on July 18 (see the  recap here of my “interesting” first race experience) and wanted to keep running.  (Yes, I was pretty shocked!)

For several years now, I have wanted to run the Parkinson’s SuperWalk 7K.  My dad has Parkinson’s disease and I wanted to honour him by raising money and running this race.  Even when I was heavier and not ever sure if I could run ever run that far, I hoped that one day I would do it.  So I was thrilled and excited that this was the year – just a week after I turned 35!  You can read about the day here.

After my 7K on the Sea Wall in Vancouver, I wanted to keep running.  (Again, this was a bit really shocking for me.)   I found a 10K race nearby on an upcoming Saturday (necessary as my husband is a pastor and work on Sundays, so I would not have to worry about childcare) and decided to go for it.  There was not much time to train or up my distance from 7 to 10K (just 20 days between races), but I was determined to give it my best shot and just enjoy the journey.  And I did (here).

Not sure what is next.  I know I am going to keep running. And keep setting new goals that I can work to achieve.


Another 5K – the Danial Igali Run for the Kids, October 17, 2009

Bear Creek Classic 10K, November 22, 2009

And my first 15K here, at the Langley Chili Chase on January 17, 2010.  Whoo-hooo! 🙂

And my crowning glory, a half marathon (that is 21.1K baby!) in Abby at the Green Thumb Half.



  1. what kind of shoes are in this pic?

  2. These are Avia brand. Costco specials actually. Not expensive but have worked well for me so far.

  3. I thought so. I used the same ones for my one month of bootcamp and got really bad shin-splints. Our trainer said the biggest culprit is cheap shoes. Glad they’ve worked for you.

  4. I am considering getting a more expensive pair while on holidays in the States. But so far have not had any trouble so far. Might be worth investing in a good pair BEFORE I have pain though, huh?

  5. I LOVED couch to 5k!! I did it after I had Carys and although I’ve always played sports, i’ve always hated running. So when I did the couch to 5k, I actually started to love running and still do. BUT….only love running outside…not inside so my winters are run-free 😦

    It helped build my endurance for mountain biking and vice versa. Way to go Niki…keep up the good work 😀

  6. Notice the pic of the new shoes (New Balance) and Nike+!

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