About The Journey

February 2010

(Finally, after keeping this blog for about 10 months, I’ve written a bit about my journey to be healthy.)

My name is Niki and I’m a 35 year old teacher turned stay-at-home-mom to my three kiddos. Kaleb is 6 1/2 (the half is important!), Makenna is 4 1/2, and Jorja is 2. It seems losing weight has been on my radar for ages (since Jr. High for sure), though my weight didn’t totally get out of control till I had kids.  I just never felt super happy with my body, as I looked at others and made mental comparisons.  I look back and find this very sad, as I learned to hate my body and treat it badly.

After my third baby arrived, my weight was at an all time high and I was not feeling very happy with myself at all. I was blessed with a beautiful family, but couldn’t be totally happy while hating my body and, in some way, myself.  Every day I’d attempt to make changes to my eating habits, only to throw in the towel by evening (or earlier).  I’m one of those who eats for ALL the reasons – happy, sad, bored, tired, stressed, etc!  And I never seemed to have enough willpower or control to conquer all the reasons I ate.  A year after Jorja was born, I was still very close to the weight I was just after she was born, and very discouraged!

Finally, last January (2009), totally fed up with my weight and lifestyle, I set out (once again) to “get healthy”. Like I’d done 100  or more times before.  The only difference is that this time worked! I was actually able to overhaul my eating and exercise habits, and keep at it!  I even worked to change my attitude towards my body and myself.  Over the course of about 8 months, I lost 50 lbs and went from inactive to regularly exercising, and changed from someone who never exercised to a girl who could run a 10K race.  And I felt great!  And happy!

Since then I have had work very hard to maintain this loss.  It is totally worth it, but hard work nonetheless.  I’ve heard many times while at my Weight Watchers’ meetings that losing seems easy after you realize how hard it is to maintain the loss.  So very true!

During those 8 months, I got really good at losing.  Seeing the plummeting numbers and getting my stickers and stars at my Weight Watchers’ meetings was rewarding, and totally enough to keep me going.  That and all the attention and compliments. Not that I love the attention (I never know what to say!), but I’ll admit that I did (do!) enjoy all the compliments about my “new” looks.

But after awhile the compliments slowed down and people got used to the new thinner me.  And yet I still have to keep working at it, and pretty much just as hard (or harder?) as I had been while losing the weight!  The work-outs, the healthy meals, the limiting portions, the saying ‘no’ to food I wanted, the dealing with emotions in ways apart from food — all still a part of my maintenance plan.

And then I understood just how hard it is, this thing called maintenance!  The blog should really be changed from “Niki’s Losing It” to “Niki’s Maintaining”, but it is not as catchy! 😀

So here on this blog is where I share my story and my struggles. I’m no expert, but hope by being honest and transparent about my journey that I can encourage others who are on the same journey.  And be encouraged as well.


Boxing Day, December, 2008

Ugh, I hate this one the most! You sure can see an extra 35 lbs on my face, can’t you?


Boxing Day, December 2009



December 2008, just after Jorja was born


August 2009, on my 35th birthday!


All the before photos I hate so much.  I keep them here so I can remember why I need to keep working at it!

November 2008 – in Ontario for Great Grandma’s 80th birthday

LI 1


November 2008 – Jorja’s dedication at church (praying, not sleeping!)


July 2008 – Bridal Falls

Bridal Falls

April 2008 – Greater Vancouver Zoo


Spring 2006 – in Atlanta visiting the in-laws

atlanta 49



  1. You are awesome – i just know your story is one that many, many women can relate to. Your vulnerability and honesty is an inspiration to everyone. Amazing girl! (((hugs)))

  2. SUCH hard work, the losing and maintaining. it’s so good to keep this blog for accountability; i’ve loved that about my first BLAH group, that the weekly weigh ins keep me in check.
    as much as i hate my before pictures with all the weight in my face, it’s where i am most happy to notice the difference – and it’s totally noticeable on you. you look FABULOUS, my friend!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I appreciate your words and comments! 🙂

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